About Craig


Craig Dickens is a true entrepreneur, CEO, certified M&A advisor, investment banker and angel investor. Having participated in virtually every kind of business dynamic from start up to IPO, merger to acquisition, he possesses the holistic skills to guide fellow entrepreneurs toward growth, business optimization and profitable exit.

Craig has more than 25 years hands-on success helping develop new products, achieve revenue growth and increase operational efficiencies through his Grow Fast & Exit Profitably!™ methodology. Whether it’s raising growth capital or supporting rapid growth trajectory and expansion goals, Craig helps entrepreneurs increase value, business growth and profit optimization for successful M&A events.

“Value is not created in a transaction but rather planned, nurtured, optimized, and captured from the things you have been successful doing in your business.”

Throughout his career, Craig has demonstrated his philosophy of creating value through service. In roles that have included Founder, President & CEO, and Chief Strategy Officer, Craig has led through all aspects of the business lifecycle. Expertise in new product development and manufacturing have helped these mid-market, niche businesses gain market-share and achieve profit growth while successfully competing against larger, more heavily funded competitors.